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WhatsApp Can Now Tell You When Messages Have Been Read

WhatsApp Can Now Tell You When Messages Have Been Read

Unlike messengers such as LINE or
Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp doesn’t
tell you when your message has been
read. It tells you when it has been
delivered, but it just means that the
person’s phone is on but it doesn’t
necessarily mean that they have opened
your message. Well if you were looking for
that functionality, you’ll be pleased to
learn that it has finally arrived.
It has been recently noted that WhatsApp
has issued an OTA update to its app. The
app will now be able to show when a
message has been read by the receiver by
marking the tick marks in blue, which you
can see in the image above. Prior to this,
the tick marks represented that the
message had been successfully sent with
one tick, and two tick marks meant that it
had been delivered.

Now with the blue tick marks coming into
play, it basically means that you will now
know when your messages have been
read, so no more wondering as to why
your messages aren’t being replied. We
should point out that the changes are
made OTA which means that you will not
be able to find the update in your
respective app stores.

Assuming you already have the latest
version of WhatsApp installed, you should
start noticing the blue check marks. If
you don’t, we can only assume the update
is staggered and you should get it in a
short amount of time.

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