Watch General Pype’s trending Interview On #TheDropSpot

After being quiet for a while, General Pype showed up on ‘The Drop Spot’ @metro977fm with Yhemiee and Ife to talk about his brand new single and the possibility of his debut album emerging soon. Ife referred to his conspicuous absence on the music scene saying she, ‘thought he had started a banking job’. ‘It takes a whole lot of good friends and happy people around you to actually infect you with the disease of being happy’was Pype’s response toYhemiee’s question about his healthy look. While talking about the brand new song, #TheSeed, he said, ‘in my book, whenever you say this is not good enough for a very talented person, that is you trying to bury them… it takes the grace of God for them to fight their way out unless you are a seed’.

Enjoy below

Am Just the real Nigga

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