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Why You Should Use VPN This 2015

This is going to be my first post for the year and I think
we should really start with this. So many of us must
have heard of VPN before
and even believe its men’t for tweaking and free
browsing but let me shock you
this moment because VPN is far more than that.

The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and
the most
important thing you need to know about a particular
VPN is that it secures your computer’s internet
connection to
guarantee that all of the data you’re sending and
receiving is encrypted and secured from prying eyes.

Why Should I Use A VPN?

So many believe that the only reason why they should
use a
VPN is because Paypal doesn’t accept some country so
VPN will help change your
IP. But now that PayPal allow most countries now
including Nigeria, why should I
use a VPN?

==>It allows you to surf the net anonymously in such
way that your IP address will not be detected. ==>There
are some site you
can’t visit, you can’t even view their content if you are
from a particular
location, for such site, VPN will do the magic, and
unravel the contents for

==>It is a private network, which means that it is
to carry out internet transactions with 100% safety

==>With VPN, you can be
surfing on highly secured connections and could be
able to dodge some of the
publicly distributed online malwares, worms, spyware,
adware, bots, back doors,
virus such as Trojans etc. In other words, your entire
device needs a vpn

==>For those using Adsense or any other,
VPN allow you to be serve PPC ads with high CPM
and CPC

because if you are visiting from America while you are in
Nigeria, your RPM
will be high.

Best VPN For Your Android, IPhone, Blackberry, &
Window Phones

There are so many VPN but I’ll
just pick just one for each device.

==>For Android SmartPhones,
you can hotspotVPN

==>For iPhone device, you can
also use Hotspot Shield VPN

==>For Blackberry device, you
can StrongSwan VPN

==>For Window device, you can
use VPN in touch, or go to Nokia store and search for a
free VPN apps.

Don’t surf the net this 2015
without a secure internet connection.

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