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Use Gmail without Internet on Chrome with Gmail Offline

Use Gmail without Internet on Chrome with Gmail Offline

Gmail is one of the most used
email service online,it is
amongst one of the most
popular service like
etc,Facebook can also be used
without internet as we have
already told using Facebook
by fonetwish,You can also
browse gmail offline easily
with the help of a chrome
extension “Gmail offline” Once
you have installed it you can
enable offline surfing for your

You can enable offline gmail
directly from your
account ,Here is a short
tutorial to guide you ,
the features it provide
how to
do it and how it works

How to configure:-

Goto gmail.com from the
chrome browser,click on
settings(gear) and then again
settings again

Click offline tab > install gmail
Once you do it ,you will be
redirected to the chrome
appstore to download the
extension “gmail
offline”,download it,after the
download completes following
link will open up- chrome://
apps/ showing a list of apps
you need to click on “gmail
as you click it your
email will open up showing
you the messages received
and other folders,
you can read
these conversations and
messages offline without

That’s it ,now when ever you
are offline and don’t have
anything to do ,just open up
this link chrome://apps/ and
browse gmail offline without
active internet connection.

You can use this app offline to
read ,archive,delete mails etc,It
is necessary to connect with
internet in order to sync the
messages,while you are offline
all your requests for
read,delete will stand in queue
to be processed as soon as
you connect with the internet.

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