Top Online MBA Programs You Can Apply For Without GMAT

While many schools require a GMAT for MBA programs, not all do. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for not having your GMAT. Here are the top online MBA programs with no GMAT available.
Some Top Online MBA Programs You Can Enroll for with No GMAT
1. Liberty University

Liberty offers over 300 programs within the MBA industry. These are not just for those starting out in the subject, but go up to doctorate level and there is no GMAT requirement. Some of the programs include international business and human resources to suit your needs.
2. Florida Tech University

When you want a MBA program completely online, Florida Tech is definitely an option. It is one of the top online MBA programs with no GMAT required, and offers a range of subject areas. You could opt for project management, general management and even international business studies.
3. Manchester Business School

You don’t just need to stick to schools in the United States. Manchester Business School in the UK offers a global option, and there are no GMAT or GRE requirements to enroll. To ensure students are ready, the school has its own Manchester Admissions Test that you will need to take, which focuses on you as a businessperson only.
4. Imperial College Business School

Another option with a Global MBA option is the prestigious Imperial College Business School. The program is fully accredited and online. The main requirement is that you have experience of at least five years within a relevant field. This also needs to be full-time experience. No other professional qualification nor degree is required, but you will need to take their Special Qualifying Examination.

It is not the end of the world if you do not have a GMAT. You can enroll into online programs, whether you stick to the United States or look abroad. There are some excellent top online MBA programs with no GMAT required, with the four above definitely ones you should consider.

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