Top-5 Secrets Girls Always Hide From Men

For most men, the inner world of
their girlfirends is a complete secret.
True, every girl has her own, unique
way of thinking and secrets to share,
or hide. However, some things girls
hide from men are the same.

A survey conducted in social media
asked women to describe what kind of
things they would hide from their
boyfriends. Before are top-5 answers!

1. ‘Experiments’
Many guys ask their ladies if they are
better than ‘the ex,’ or about their
girlfriends’ previous sexual experiences.
She may share it with you… or not. Does
that make you insecure and jealous?
Most men want to know these kinds of
things, while girls find these questions
very annoying.

2. Secret girl talksYou will never be
allowed to the sacred chamber of where
girls have their talks. Unless you went
undercover. All aspects of their life in
the juiciest details are discussed there.
Girls are unlikely to share their girly
secrets with men.

3. Her make-up

Have you ever wondered how she
manages to look so gorgeous all day
long? She won’t let you know where she
keeps all her cosmetic devices and
secrets. She wants you to keep
wondering on where her prettiness
comes from!

4. Her exes
Surely, your girl was not waiting in a
secluded room waiting exclusively for
you. She’s met some people, dated and
had intimate relationship with some of
them. Be prepared for the fact that most
women hide their true feelings about
their exes.

5. Her feelings about your family

The majority of girls camouflage their
real opinion about your family and
relatives. It doesn’t necessarily mean
your girl doesn’t like them. But she may
be extremely cautious and reserved in
expressing her opinion about your
closest one in order not to cause damage
to your relationship by saying something

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