Top 15 ‘Offences’ Christians Commit In Church

We live in the 21st century where a lot of things are taken for granted even in the church.

The church building is a special place of worship and it requires special behavior. Though the church is like a home where we are supposed to feel comfortable, it’s not an opportunity for misconduct. The church shouldn’t be a place where anything goes.

A lot of Christians like to take God’s abundant grace for granted, being that he is very merciful.

These days a lot of people conduct themselves in offensive manners in church. Some engage in activities that are both distracting and very annoying. Some do things they wouldn’t try in their offices.

Below are some offensive things some people do in church. Sure, you would find one or more you are guilty of.

1. Constantly looking at your wristwatch to check time: Most people are guilty of this. Once the sermon is getting too long, they begin to take glances at the wristwatch, praying the service would come to an end quickly.

2. Chewing gums: Have you ever sat near someone in church who is chewing gum like a cow chewing cud? You know how annoying that can be. Some even go as far as making silly sounds and blowing bubbles.

3. Receiving calls, pinging and texting: As if it’s not bad enough that your rings out during service, you will now go ahead to pick the call. You see some people pinging and texting during service. This is just so wrong. Would you be pinging if your boss was talking to you? God deserves more respect.

4. Flirting with a cute brother or sister: Some people’s purpose of going to church is to get ‘hooked’. You see some brothers and sisters giving each other flirty glances in church when they are supposed to be concentrating on the word of God.

5. Wearing party clothes to church: There are clothes meant for church. You shouldn’t wear your skimpy and revealing clothes to church. Just because the church allows you the freedom to be comfortable doesn’t mean you have to take it for granted.

6. Passing notes back and forth: It is not nice to be passing love notes during service.

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