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Ten Types Of Invigilators You Will Meet In The University/ Polytechnic

1. The ones who will praise the first
student to submit his booklet making
every other students look like they know
nothing. Woooooow !!! Do you mean you
have finished? They will face other
students and say ” can see your life
oooo?, he finished b4 an hour”
That is a well prepared student

2. The ones who will keep telling you the
history of their lives, how they performed
excellently amongst their peers when
they were in college. They will tell you
they were always prepared for any exam
& the barely got “C” * if I hear*

3. The ones who will collect your
question paper and go through it. They
will ask” why sweating profusely for
these cheap questions? If I were you I
would have finished since *if I hear*

4. The ones formimg James Bond in the
hall. They will start giving testimonies of
how many students they have caught
cheating and have been rusticated
**wetin concern me with dat one ?**

5. The ones who will collect your
question paper, go through the
questions and shake their heads pitifully
without saying anything

6. The ones who will glance at your
answer booklet and they will ask why
your booklet is blank. “Didn’t you read 4
dis exam ?” **Abeg swerve go left jhor**

7. The ones who will never accept your
apology if you are caught cheating. The
moment you are caught cheating, just
hurriedly obtain the next available Jamb

8. The ones who are very sensitive. Try
communicate with any student and they
will change your seat . You keep
wondering how smart they really are to
have noticed you

9. The ones who are very gentle and
friendly. Thirty minutes into they hall
they are already sleeping. The moment
you are making noise, they will wake up,
walk around and return back to their
seat. Before you know it they will sleep

10. The ones who will force you to
submit even if you still have an hour left.
They will tell you “what are you still
writing when all your mates have

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