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[Tech] – Smart Bags: Charge Your Smartphone, Tablet or Notebook on the Go

In a rapidly changing world where everything is
going smart from phones to TV sets, other
gadgets and accessories seem to be evolving too
to keep up with the trend. Running out of battery
is just normal when you use a smartphone and a
lot of people carry their chargers around the
whole day while some prefer power banks that
store up energy. For those using smartphones
with removable batteries, having extra batteries
might work for them. If you’ve been looking for a
much better alternative, owning a smart bag
might be just

What is a smart bag?

Smart bags have been around for a while but
they’re not yet popular in all parts of the world.
These bags have the ability to charge your
smartphone, tablet, even notebook. It all
depends on the power packed into the bag.
There are different types in the market and they
come with different price tags. Choosing the
right one isn’t about the price really, it’s more
about how many devices you carry around that
require charging.

The infographic below shows some available
smartbags and the price tags. Please note that
the prices are subject to change with time.

Where to buy these smart bags

You can either contact your nearest store or buy
directly online from the manufactures.

Phorce: Appears not to be available at the
moment but you can sign up on their website to
get updated.

Powerbag: Available on Amazon.

Everpurse: Available on Amazon.

Tylt: Available on Amazon and official website.

Birksun: Available on Amazon and official

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