Tech: How to remove stubborn spyware apps on android, those that claim device administrator

Lets get to to point, This situation can get frustrating, when apps deceive you into installing them only for it to be a spyware, e.g Du Speed Booster, Lock Screen e.t.c.
They posses your camera, screen pattern, data e.t.c. , I have been in such a mess lately when my neighbour askd me to help her fix her trojan infested tecno h6.

After series of research on google I couldnt find the exact solution, till I figured it out.
Enough talks, if u are in my shoes or know someone in such shoe, simply do this:

Your Phone has to be rooted
1. Download Es file explorer
2. Open it and click setting, enable root explorer
3. Click device and click on app
4. Locate the stubborn app and click on it
5. Click uninstall and restart it phone when its done.
6. Congrats ur free

Beware of apps u install app just disabled her camera.

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