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Tech: Keep A Track of Your Mobile Data Usage with These Apps

Lots of Smartphones are attached to
data restricted service plans. Avoiding
exceeding the set limits requires
monitoring the date used in a Tablet or
Smartphone through the use of apps that
help you monitor the consumption of
data. You will find a number of apps
free while others require a little

3G watchdog

The app helps
monitor mobile data usage for Android
device users and has a lot of helpful
choices that automatically turns off a
cellular network in case the usage has
exceeded a defined maximum. The pro
version of the app comes with data
report for each app and historical
charting among other features.

Data usage

Mostly for iOS devices, Data Usage app
has all the right features that make data
monitoring easy and possible. It is also
very easy to install, makes it easy to
track for a longer time matching the
billing cycle of a user and has a separate
Wi-Fi and cellular data tracking, reports
on historical usage while it also helps to
set thresholds and even get notifications
in case of an exceeded limit. This app
also has a pro version with additional
options ideal for customized trackers
configuration ideal for the tech savvy.

My Data Manager

Also helps with monitoring data usage
although per application monitoring in
the app’s older versions was removed
with the release of 2.5.1 and newer
versions. The Android’s My Data
Manager app has consistently received
better and higher reviewers from most

My Verizon Mobile

Android or ios
Also the best for subscribers of AT&T
who can use the app to look at the way
their reports of data usage looks like
and comes with other functions of
account administration.

Onavo Count

This is an
application that allows alerts
configuration to detect apps that guzzle
down data and sends alerts once the
applications of the past month approach
the set limit. It helps in contrasting the
amount of data used in a certain app in
contrast with others and comes with a
very simple set up. Additional app
known as Extend from Onavo helps in
compressing data through a unique
technology as data is being transferred,
in the process reducing the usage clearly
visible within the home screen of Onavo
Count. It helps in analysing and
monitoring all kinds of phone and mobile
data usage and includes Wi-Fi,
foreground and background use.

Data man (ios)

An iOS data
monitoring app, it comes with a free
version allowing the basics to be done,
which include billing cycles, ensuring
alerts have been set up and ensures a
clear overview of the amount of data
used in the last month is clear. However,
tracking the data usage of every app is
reserved for those who use the Pro

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