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[Tech] – This is Why iPhone 6 Sucks and Android Users Hate It

Let me first state this: anyone who uses a
smartphone and thinks Apple products are
garbage probably doesn’t know the history of
what we call smartphones today or is too
blinded by hate to see that Apple makes nothing
but quality products. This article is not just a
write-up from another Android fanboy or a
Samsung butt-licker. I’ve been using the iPhone
for years and I still do. Besides, I have a Droid
as well. Are we clear on that? Thank you.

Well, we all waited for the almighty iPhone 6 to
be released and it finally came out in two sizes.
For the first time since 2007, Apple listened to
users and finally went against it’s very own rules.
Remember when Apple thought a device with a
big screen won’t really work? Oh… this advert by
Apple should give an idea of what I’m talking

Just like an Android user said, “Steve Jobs must
be turning in his grave right now to see a 5.5″

Considering everything, maybe that’s true. Apple
has always believed it knows what’s good for
consumers and failed to give consumers what
they really want. As with the case with the big
screen, it wasn’t until Apple saw it was losing its
market share to Samsung that they realized
people love bigger screens after all. And
Samsung too delivered it’s own punchline is this
new set of videos that’s nothing short of
mockery, but that has always been one of
Samsung’s successful marketing strategy:

Over the last few days, this image too has been
flying over the internet and I found it amusing…
naijabridge image
and sadly true. These are things Apple should’ve
done before now. Just like the case with
Blackberry that refused to move on when the
world had gone past physical Qwerty keyboards,
Apple may begin losing even loyal customers if
it continues doing what it thinks it’s right instead
of giving in to consumer demands and more
importantly, bringing back the innovation Apple
used to be known for.

Here is something I would like to admit at this
point– I’ve always wished my iPhone screen was
bigger when watching movies or playing HD
games and I use my 4.7″ HTC device for these
functions most of the time.

We all know Apple pioneered what we call the
smartphone today and the first iPhone was quite
iconic in the history of smartphones. In fact,
Samsung would probably be nowhere today if
Apple didn’t lead by example but where’s the
innovation and magic Apple used to be known

Has Apple traded magic and innovation for
surprise? And by surprise, I mean doing what
they once considered stupid? A lot of Android
users are still not impressed despite the
increase in the iPhone screen size, the new NFC
feature and everything that’s been on Android OS
and jailbreak community for years.

And neither am I.

Here are five reasons why a regular Android
would think the new iPhone 6 still sucks:

1. No external storage, crippled file transfer.

There are times I wish I could just copy stuffs
from my PC to another computer. With an
iPhone, this is impossible without having iTunes
installed on both computers and using file
storage apps. It’s understandable that Apple is
trying to make the OS secure but hey, when your
pen drive isn’t with you and your iPhone just
can’t perform that function, an Android device
seem like the most adorable device in the world.

Agreed, I hate the iPhone for that.

2. Same Old 8MP Camera

iPhone 4s was announced in 2011 and had an
8MP camera. It’s the same with iPhone 5, iPhone
5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This sounds
boring considering Nokia putting a 41MP
camera in a smartphone way back in 2012.

Agreed, it’s boring.

Unknown to many though, there’s more to a
camera than a big pixel resolution and
manufacturers sometimes insult smartphone
users intelligence when a 13MP camera with a
poor resolution is compared with an 8MP
camera with a better resolution.

The lens, the sensor, the processor, the DSP
engine and a lot of other things are what make
up a good camera.

Now, unless you’re blowing up your picture up
on a pretty large billboard, an 8MP camera with
very good features is okay for a regular
smartphone but considering what people are
crazy for, maybe an improvement in that area
would’ve converted many.

3. File transfer between mobile devices

There are times when you need to transfer things
like PDF files, images, documents and other
stuffs in between mobile devices. It’s certain
bluetooth file transfer will become obsolete just
like infra-red in the next few years but this
feature on a smartphone can actually save one a
lot of trouble.

The absence of such feature on the iPhone is
very uncool. Unless you jailbreak and pay $
9.99 for Celeste Bluetooth app through Cydia,
you just have to forget about this simple feature.

Apple thinks you don’t need it… or perhaps,
Apple knows it’ll compromise the device’s
security but whatever the reason maybe, an
Android user would think that sucks.

4. You’re Jailed without a Jailbreak

Those things you can do on an unrooted
Android device you can never do on an iPhone
that’s not jailbroken. This is the reason a lot of
people fail to upgrade their device the moment
an iOS update is released.

Apple probably won’ admit this but the jailbreak
community is one of the things that keeps the
company going. A guy like me considers an
unjailbroken device almost useless.

5. Apple is Playing Catch-up with Google

One might ask, “Where the hell is Steve Job’s
innovation?” I must admit I haven’t been
impressed lately. The first iPhone was a killer
product and the iPad set a trend every
manufacturer followed. Apple used to be a
company that broke old rules and created new
ones that others followed but where’s all that?

The iPhone 5s was the world’s first 64-bit mobile
device but analysts were like why would you put
a 64-bit processor in a smartphone? The Touch
ID fingerprint security was first of its kind but
besides these two, have we heard any other
impressively ground-breaking feature in the last
few years?

6. And a lot of other petty gripes

No third party store. Operating system not open
source. No removable battery. The price is just a
rip-off. And so on…

Will iPhone 6 Even Sell?

It will, and millions would be sold in the first
week. We all know that. It has always been that
way despite the criticism year after year. The
brand prestige is still very much there and even
a number of iPhone haters are secret admirers
who will never admit it.

Am I ditching the iPhone?

No, and that’s a very affirmative No! An iOS
device becomes a part of you if you’ve been on
the platform for years and that is the very reason
people like me are referred to as iSheep. The
iPhone 4s I’m presently holding has outlived a
couple of Android devices I bought. I’ve never
had to worry about a virus attack. I’ve never had
to worry about installing apps that are actually
spywares. I’ve dropped it more than a dozen
times and all I got was a cracked back cover. The
UI looks boring to you but it’s super-polished,
fluid and lagging isn’t something iOS users

I chose not to upgrade to iPhone 5 or 5s last
year because in my opinion, there wasn’t much
difference except for the longer (not larger)
screen and a fingerprint sensor I probably won’t
use. I didn’t find the new 64-bit processor
particularly useful for my day-to-day life.

The much bigger screen on the iPhone 6 is a
winner for me. Take it or leave it, Apple is still
much relevant and will still be in the mobile
market for a long time to come but lately, I
haven’t been much impressed just like you. I like
Apple but not to the point of following blindly
and licking their butt. There’s a need to step up
their game, there are Android devices in the
market that beat the new iPhone 6 hands down.

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