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[Tech] – How to Increase Internal Memory of Android

How to Increase Internal Memory of Android
Lots of android mobile come with a very low
internal storage which has given low memory
notification after a few downloads of the
applications. If you have this type phone then it
is good news for you. You can increase the
internal memory for follow these method.

This is absolutely true that no way to increase
internal storage size of your phones, but you can
allocate some part of your memory card for your
phone to install applications. Root is must for
increase the internal memory.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you
mess up with your phone, for bricked
phones and dead sd cards. Try this on
your own risk.

1. Phone Must me Rooted (How to Root Android)
2. Download Root Explorer or any other such
explorer which can explore root directory of

Steps to Increase Internal Memory of
Android :-

1. Open Root Explorer.

2. Navigate to system/etc folder mount it as rw

3. There you will find vold.fstab file, copy it to
your sdcard.

4. Then in your PC open the file in an Text Editor
5. Find the lines like these,

6. Replace sdcard with ext_card and ext_card
with sdcard in these two lines.

7. Again navigate to system/etc change the name
of the current vold.fstab file to vold.fstab.old
(make backup).

8. Paste the new edited vold.fstab file there and
long press on it you will get a menu from there
change the permissions to “rw_r_ _r_ _” this is

9. Reboot the system. Done !
If you want to restore changes, delete the edited
vold.fstab file and rename the vold.fstab.old file
as vold.fstab and reboot.

Now in this way you will increase internal
memory of your android device, You have more
free memory in your phone. So don’t wait, try it.
And bookmark this page for future assist for you.
If you face any probelm feel free to discuss in
below comments,

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