Tech: How To Open A US Bank Account In Nigeria And Collect Us Atm Master Card For Free

Tech: How To Open A US Bank Account In Nigeria And Collect Us Atm Master Card For Free

Why Have a U.S. Bank Account

With a bank account, you can pay all of your bills by check, and manage your bill payments online. In addition, many banks issue debit cards with a MasterCard or Visa emblem, which enables you to use the card to make purchases anywhere that accepts credit cards.

Types of Bank Accounts

There are two main types of bank accounts in the US. They are:

Checking Accounts

These allow you to frequently deposit and withdraw money. They are a great way to pay your monthly bills. When you open a checking account, it usually comes with a checkbook and an ATM MASTER CARD. There are usually minimum monthly balances and service fees, and these vary depending on the type of account you open. Most Nigeira only need a checking account.

Savings Accounts

These are for long term deposits for accruing interest. The interests, minimum balances, and service fees will vary from bank to bank. As an Nigeria, you will probably not need a savings account.


i. Valid National Id Card or Voter’s card or driver licence

ii. Valid Home Address

Step 1

click here to register

step 2

click on Non-US resident

Step 3

Fill Your Name as it on voter’s Card or Any Card U want to Use, Email and Date of Barth

step 4

Fill your contact address as it on your voter’s card because is the address they will deliver your Atm Master Card to

Step 5

Security question and password u which to use

Step 6


lastly click oder to submit, after submitting you will recive welcome message from email and within 2-3week they will ship your master card to Nigeria

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  1. kalsam

    May 1, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    Who told u is free they charge u almost $3 per each transaction use do with the card and u say is free pls naija guys make una wake-up ooO

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