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[Tech] – How To Keep Your Computer Safe Without An Expensive Antivirus Program

The internet is filled with a lot of malicious
content and dangerous viruses that can harm
your computer easily. The best option is to have
a very robust antivirus installed on your
computer, however to keep the computer safe
you would need to blow some big bucks to get
the best antivirus installed. Now we all don’t
have big pockets to shell out all that cash, so
here are some tips which you should use to
keep your computer safe online.

Safe browsing

This is more common sense rather than a sure
shot method to keep you safe. You should not
visit suspicious sites or click on suspicious
links, no you will and cannot win a million
dollars by clicking on that random ad on the top
left page of the website. Pages often contain
malicious content but that can only harm your
computer if you click on them. Also a lot of
browsers have a “Private browsing” option which
does not keep any history or cookies saved on
your computer, so do use that option. Never let
out or post your password on random sites, no
matter what the site says, unless it is a safe page.

Use a safe browser

Apart from the steps mentioned above, it is
recommended to use another web browser
rather than the pre-installed internet explorer.
Firefox, Chrome are some of the best options
out there in terms of security and should be
used as soon as possible. They get more
updates and are safer to use as well.

Ad /pop up blocker

The reason you should have one of the above
browsers installed is that it provides you the
option to download extensions, one of the best
extensions is a pop up blocker/ad blocker which
would block all those pesky pop ups that come
up when you visit a website. Of course the pop
ups aren’t a problem but it does disrupt your
internet experience and sometimes they do have
links to really unnecessary sites which you can
click by mistake and that can affect your
computer by making it slow and unresponsive.

Use Ccleaner

Normally you should install such software which
says it can clean your computer, but this free
software is amazing to use. Not only does it
remove those hidden files which are actually
taking up unwanted space from your computer
but it can also remove unused and unwanted file
extensions which are ruining your computer’s
performance. Ccleaner can also check up
programs running in the startup and you can
customize which programs you want to run and
not, although you should know what you are
doing. Plus this software also has a nifty
uninstall feature which allows you to uninstall
any software from your computer, even if you
think you have removed everything from the
computer, this software will ensure that program
is completely eradicated from the computer.

Follow these steps and of course common sense
will ensure that your computer stays safe,
remember not to share any personal information
online and of course never click on suspicious

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