Tech: How To Enable ‘God Mode’ control panel in windows

Windows has numerous amount of settings that can be configured to the users prefered taste so as to adjust how Windows operates.

Nonetheless, adjusting these settings is not so easy for some Windows users, for which majority these settings must be adjusted or corrected using the Control Panel.

No doubt, the Control Panel is a good tool, but it can sometimes be difficult to use. Substantially, when using Control Panel you must toggle back and forth between numerous different windows to setup everything, where in some cases, it’s also hard to find a specific setting that you are looking for.

However, there is one other way that you can adjust settings on your Windows computer, which gives you all adjustment options in one place: God Mode or the Master Control Panel.

How Can I Activate God Mode?

=> First, create a new folder on your desktop.

=> Copy the text beneath, and rename the folder you just created with the text copied.



When it has been renamed, it will look like the Control Panel icon, double click to open it up, you will notice it looks similar to the Control Panel window, with all options placed in list format.

Now, you can jump to a certain setting and configure it easily, without having to go through a bunch of different Windows. When you click on a listing within the “God Mode” window, you will be able to go straight to the configuration page.

The main convenience of GodMode is that you can see all the settings without having to know what to search for. This has proved helpful on a number of occasions because I didn’t know exactly what word to search for, but was able to find the setting when browsing through the list.

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