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[Tech] Fastest Method to Root any Android Phone Without a Computer

Rooting an android phone can be a time
taking process . Today we are going to
show you the Fastest way to Root almost
any android phone without a computer .

Framaroot is a one click application that
roots almost any android phone or device
without the need of a Computer .
Framaroot was developed by alephzain
from The XDA forums . With one click this
app can install the Superuser and Su
binary on your phone . Framaroot
currently supports phones with Android
versions from 2.0 to 4.2 . This is one of
the easiest and fastest rooting methods .

Framaroot user six major and safe
exploits to root your android phone .
which are Gandalf , Boromir ,Sam, ,
Frodo , Aragorn and Gimli . I know you
must be thinking from where did these
characters from The Lord of the rings
came into the world of Android . these
exploits must have been discovered by A
LOTR fan

Everybody with an Android phone has got
into a dilemma of whether to root their
phone or not to . While The advantages of
rooting are many but a single mistake can
make your device an instant paperweight .
Rooting an Android phone helps unlocks
the many restrictions and unleash the full
performance of a phone . After all you’ve
paid with your hard earned money and
you need to experience the best out of
your Android device . Since most
manufacturers take a lot of time to release
firmware updates on their android
devices . You can use your rooted phone
to enjoy custom roms with the latest
version of android and many exciting
features much before its is officially
available on your phone .You can install
the app in your android device and check
out if it works , The app wont brick your
phone as it does not touch your kernel ,
nor flash anything .

IMPORTANT! : Rooting your device will
VOID your Android phone’s WARRANTY ! .
I will not be responsible in any way

Steps to root you android phone without
a computer

Step 1: Download the Framaroot app to
your phone or computer.
Framaroot-1.9.3.apk – (1.25 MB)

Step 2: Copy Framaroot from your
computer to your phone memory.

Step 3: Install Framaroot from the apk

Step 4: Choose “ install Superuser ”
option inside Framaraoot.

Step 5: Select any of the exploits that
appears in the app and wait for some

Step 6: If you see a “Success …
Superuser and su binary installed. You
have to reboot your device” message
then you have successfully rooted your
phone .

Step 7: If you see “Failed … Try
another exploit if available” message
then try selecting another exploit

Note: On My Galaxy S3 i had selected the
third exploit in Framaroot, which is
Aragorn exploit and it worked
successfully. Framaroot also has an
Unroot option if you want to unroot your
device later.

Download Root checker to verify if your
phone is rooted or not

I have tried this app on my Samsung
galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.2 . The
app successfully rooted my phone using
the third exploit provided in the app .
which was the “Aragorn” exploit . Try the
app on your android phone and do tell us
if it works on your phone .

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