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[Tech] – How to extend Whatsapp License Until 2022 for free

WhatsApp is free for a year and then there is
an annual charge of
pre – allocated Rs . 50 ($ 0.99) you will pay
after the expiry of this one-year license.
Although the rate is
not much and would be our courtesy to pay
the fee for WhatsApp developers for creating
such a wonderful messenger, but it may be
free until 2022.

If you wish to do this, follow these steps:

1.WhatsApp delete your account (follow Tip #7
Tricks WhatsApp this post) and uninstall your
mobile phone

2.Convince your friend to register WhatsApp
with his number on his/her iPhone

3.Verify that your phone number from the
WhatsApp his friend

4.Delete the account (again follow Tip # 7)
from the iPhone to your friend

5.Install new copy of WhatsApp on your
mobile phone.
That’s it. Look at your account information and
you will find your subscription runs until
2022. Enjoy subscription free WhatsApp

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