How To Spot Chronic Female Flirts On Social Media

1. They Take Selfie Everywhere

The issue of frequent changing of profile pictures has been causing controversies since the days of Olusegun Agagu. However, chronic female flirts on social media will always take selfie in every environment they find themselves. This is to show how sophisticated they are. E.g, Shoprite, Mr Biggs, Wedding reception, HOD office, Club House, Sweet Sensation, etc (just name it)

2. They Always Try To Draw Attention

They put status updates that will draw ma$ $ive traffic to them even more than nairaland front page . You will see updates like, ”I’m bored, anyone wanna hangout with me?”; ”Wow! I feel like clubbing tonight. Care to join?”; “I’m hungry, who cares to take me out?”; I need money like kilode, who cares to help?; I need a man in my life. Smh

3. They Use Intimate Names as Monikers

This may sound funny, but it’s the pure fact. A lady with a good upbringing barely uses Intimate names as a moniker. But as for the chronic female flirts, they will always add Intimate and fascinating prefixes and suffixes when choosing a moniker. You all know these prefixes and suffixes, so I wouldn’t like to mention them

4. They Upload Almost Unclad Pictures

They are not hard to spot cos their pictures exemplify what they do offline. However, they usually upload sultry pictures of cleavages, bumbum, waist chain, anklets and it goes straight to their profile page. Their headquater na facebook, badoo, while other sites follow suite

5. They Reveal Personal Info On Social Media

Some things are rather kept hidden from public views. One of the characteristics of chronic female flirts on social media is that, you will sometimes find their phone numbers and BBM PINs added to their profile page. This is not for business purposes, but to flirt with “chairmen” that will ring them up

6. They Belittle Broke and Hustling Dudes

They are so much obsessed with money and will always give 500 reasons as to why they cannot date broke and hustling dudes. Ladies who often utter this statement on social media are very LAZY and are mostly likely to be flirts; because they won’t hesitate to go down with every Tom, d*ck and Harry, so far money is involved. They see no future in a dude that’s still going through trying times

7. They Always Have Solid Points To Justify

cheat*ng By their comments you can also spot them, especially when a lady is being castigated for cheat*ng. They will flare up and will be defensive, saying that, a lady is not expected to put all her eggs in one basket, hence, double-dating is plan B. They call double-dating a plan B ? Smh

8. They Tag People Unnecessarily

Some of them constantly tag thousands of people on social media directing them to their new dp to see how $exy their hair, lips, and body look like. What’s the need of reminding people of how $exy your eyes/ lips are? Na to get customers, of course. I know many of them oh! But I no go mention names.

9. They Always Claim They are Smarter Than Guys

These people always claim that they are very smart and know all the tactics guys normally use to coerce ladies into using and dumping them. They are always on social media, advising and counselling other people, even till odd hours at night… This is just to increase their online commercial worth, and attract various species of ‘chairmen’

10 Feel free to add the last one

I drop my pen at this point


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