Simi Gives Heartbreaks As She Reveals Her Crush And Best Ever

Fans of this petite singer Siminever seem to be satisfied with just here music alone. At every chance, the “Jamb Question” crooner gets hit with the unending ubiquitous questions about her love life, who she is hinged with, and her relationship with Falz.

I really begin to wonder how Simifeels when she is attacked with this probing question from all ends. Just so you know the “Love Don’t Care” singer has once again given more insight as to who she is into. It hurts so bad it’s neither you nor me. Yes it’s heartbreaking, is someone sobbing? That’s something you’ll have to deal with anyway.

In a little sit down for a 5 AT 5 interview with Accelerate TV, Simigave heartbreaks as she gives details on her crush. Sorry crushes, not just one, the singer listed 5 guys she is currently crushing on. LOL! Simican crushfor Africa. You gotta hear this. At number 5 is fine boy and singer Lynx*x.

Get to know the rest in the video bellow.

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