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See Nicki Minaj’s under-boobs flash everyone is talking about

Nicki Minaj under-boobs-revealing act in Paris
has set tongues wagging. Photo: ABC

Nicki Minaj was seen at the uber cool Club 79 in
Paris wearing a small turtle neck top, which
revealed her the bottom part of her boobs as the
‘Pills N Potions’ star didn’t have any pair of bra
covering her breasts.
The latest boob-revealing act, which everyone has
become a popular topic on social media in the
last few hours, would not have come as a
surprise to those familiar with Nicki Minaj’s
Nicki was seen dancing in the VIP section of the
club, wearing a teeny turtle neck crop top, which
looked too small for her ample cleavage. The fact
that she wasn’t wearing a bra meant that those
close by had good a glance of her under-boobs
as her top kept rising while she danced.

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