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See 5 Ways Nigerian Universities Defraud Students

1. Accreditation fee: What the heck does
this mean? Instead of sincerely
apologizing to me for collecting money
from me as tuition fee, when the
university or department I have been
admitted to lacks legality, how dare you
turn around and ask me to fund the
accreditation exercise? Nigerian
universities would not use money
collected as accreditation fees from
students to purchase facilities that
would aid academic and scholastic
pursuits. The monies end up in private
pockets. Prof. Ezekwe should rot in hell

2. Acceptance fee: Accepting or rejecting
admission should be done simply
through written letter or any other form
that can act as a formal notification.
Collecting 5k to 10k (don’t know if that’s
the current fee) as acceptance fee is
fraudulent! I often wonder why students
pay to accept an admission offer

3. Students’ Affairs dues: Another
fraudulent fee! What does this
department do? Students’ affairs units in
our universities are not relevant to the
socio-economic issues students face on
daily basis on campus. All through my
days in the Ivory Tower, I was a fervent
payer of Students’ Affairs dues yet I
fought all my problems myself what
ever form they came. So what does our
money do as dues? A student who
couldn’t pay medical bills was allowed
to suffer, yet a fervent payer like

4. Post UME forms and Scratch Cards:
Why sell forms or cards when you know
the capacity of the school will not be
able to accommodate the teeming youths
seeking for admission? This is
fraudulent. Nigerian universities lower
their cut-off marks just to attract
desperate candidates. They need people
to purchase cards and forms when in
essence, these people won’t even see or
touch the school’s matric gown for that
academic session. Jambites, next time a
friend tells you that Migwor University
or University of Vrendo accepts 150 as
cut-off mark, you might just be one of
the steps on the ladder for that
university to make serious money!

5. In all, selling of handouts,
unnecessary and low-standard books to
students, useless old rusted machines in
faculties of Engineering, old and
outdated computers in Computer Science
dept. are all fraud! That’s why we have
been producing elect/elect Engineers that
cannot connect lamp-holder, talk less of
manufacturing wrist-watch

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