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Psquare Loses Dad 2 Years After Their Mum’s Death

The father of music superstar, Peter and Paul Okoye is dead according to family sources.

The music duo are yet to confirm the death of their father, neither has their brother Jude Okoye . The three of them have been unusually quiet since the news got in.

According to reports, their father had a successful knee surgery and is set to kick start physiotherapy before he fell down and died on Monday, November 24th.

Peter has been quiet since noon, (yesterday), Paul posed a cryptic message on Instagram yesterday saying “In life we complain a lot,we want to have everything,the best cars,best dress,expensive wristwatches,shoes,makeup and all,but still we complain…when I look at this picture I ask myself, how will all this things fit on this guy …but all he wants is to walk and make use of his 2 arms….God help us all..so pls always thank God for the fact that u re alive..,,,,and stop complaining..do something positive..1 love“. Jude on the other hand is at far away Atlanta.

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