Nigerian “Michael Jackson” Spotted At MTN Project Fame Auditions (Photos)

Meet Marvy Tiger or Nigeria’s own Michael Jackson as he prefers to be called. Tiger was the star attraction during the MTN Project Fame Auditions held recently in Abuja.

Marvy Tiger…sorry Nigerian Michael Jackson, was one of the thousands that thronged the venue for the auditions that held at the National Centre for Women Development, Abuja, to try their Luck in MTN Project Fame competition.

By his dressing style that was all glitz and in multi-colours, Tiger stood out as the star to look out for at the audition. Whether this was going to go south or wow everyone was all a matter of time would tell. And finally, the moment we all looked forward to came, with Tiger mounting the stage for his audition drill. Perhaps, as expected his performances was the height of the audition’s comic relief that stunned the judges.

His moon walk moves and breaking dance got everyone’s rib cracking. Indeed the coming of Marvy Tiger to audition in Abuja was more than the icing of the cake, it was the resurrection of Micheal Jackson. more photos below;

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