New Method to Root Your infinix Zero 2gb/16gb Version

New Method to Root Your infinix Zero 2gb/16gb Version

Good day pals, i hope you are all doing
good and fine. Due to complaints from
some of people not been able to root
their infinix zeros using the method i
posted earlier. i have discovered
another method of rooting infinix zero
2gb version. This method was tried
out by one of my pals on whatsapp
“Henry” i give kudos to him, he was
the one who tried out this method on
his 2gb version and it worked for him
so am gonna share the method here
with you guyz. Before we proceed, i
will advise you to put everything you
are doing on hold and focus your mind
only on this because a little distraction
could make you loose focus as the
process is kinda long a bit


* PC ( Your Pc)

* Super Su Updated ( Download Here )

* SP Recovery Flash Infinix 16+2 (
Download Here )

* Sp FlashTool v5 ( Download

* MTK65xx Driver ( Click Here )

* Your Phone and a Usb Cable

Steps to Follow :

1. Copy the downloaded Super Su to
the Root of your SD Card

2. Create a new Folder on your
Desktop, Name it “Infinix CWM”
without quote then Extract the
downloaded SP Recovery Flash
Infinix 16+2 to the folder (Contains
two files; recovery+Scatter File)

3. Create a new Folder on your
desktop name it “Sp Flashtool”
without quote, Extract the zip file of
Sp Flashtool navigate to the folder you
created earlier “Sp Flashtool” on your
desktop and extract it there.

4. Run Sp Flashtool as
Administrator , it will pop “no scatter
file selected” click ok. Click on the
Second bar where you see Scatter-
Loading browse where you extracted
SP Recovery Flash Infinix

5.16+2 open the folder named ”
Infinix CWM” and select the scatter

6. Turn Off your phone and wait for
like 30secs and Hit the Download then
plug your Infinix back to the Pc. When
you see the red link you’re good but it
dint display, check your drivers to
confirm if you installed the one meant
for your phone.. After the Yellow Link
shows, and OK sign, unplug your

7. Now Hold the Vol Up and Power
button for 5 seconds, when you see
Infinix on your screen, release the
power button while still you are still
holding the Volume Up button. Your
Recovery should have display now
and your have; Reboot system now,
Install zip from sdcard.. See image

8. Choose install zip from sdcard- to
Choose zip from sdcard use vol up
and down scroll up and down
then choose the Update Supersu file
from the root of your sdcard. Scroll
to yes and install, after a successful
installing go back and reboot. Open
Playstore Search for SuperSu it has #
round triangle icon then update the
SuperSu App

9. Lauch it and Click Normal wait it
will update your binaries and then ask
to reboot ( Image Below )

Congratulations now, your Sturbbon
infinix Zero 2gb version is now rooted.
Please comment below if you have
problem rooting Yours.

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