New Manhood Microchip will Alert Your Cell Phone When Your Man is cheat*ng (Photo)

How do you catch a cheat*ng husband or boyfriend? This technical solution is unbelievable! Just insert a microchip into his pen*s!

Now women no longer have to be tormented by the guesses: is he cheat*ng or not? That’s over. The same goes for men. No need to suspect her, you can know for sure. The scientists have invented the microchip. You insert it into his manhood or her vagina. What happens next is outstand.

Once your woman or man make love, you get the notice on your phone. If that is not you, who they are making out with, bingo – you caught a cheater! You download a particular app on your phone, called Commit-Tech.

Now his manhood reports to you every time it gets activated. Surely, your partner may be just making love to himself. So, do not rush to uncover the cheater. Check the facts first, but that is also very useful information. If they do it, you may not be giving them as much $ex as they want. Or your man may be a p*rn fan.

Moreover, you should put a chip in your own private parts. The two of them (i.e. chips) communicate while you interact. If the man inserts his organ into someone with no chip, he is surely cheat*ng on you.

Now, is this story true? Well, it sounds as some SyFy. Surely, the technology is already in, but placing a chip into his most private part undercover is not an easy task. So, for the time being, his manhood is safe and still has the freedom to do as it wills!

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