Nasty C plans to name his debut album after his mom

Popular rapper Nasty C has finally revealed when he is planning to drop his album, and it’s closer than you might think.

Ever since he took over the radio airwaves and the clubs with his hit track, Juice Back, fans have been dying to find out when the young rapper will finally drop an album.

Their excitement reached a peak several months ago when the rapper declared that his album would be better than even Kanye West’s.

Well, the rapper has been keeping his fans waiting for sometime now.

But talking to TMG Entertainment on the set of Coke Studio recently, Nasty C revealed that they might not have to wait that much longer.

“The album will be dropping hopefully by the end of June, or at least I will feel confident enough for me to drop it, by the end of June,” he said.

Nasty C reveals that he has enough content to release the album today but he wants to make sure that everything is perfect before it finally gets a public release

Right now, I don’t feel like everything is ready. I’m not confident enough in it. I don’t like it enough to drop it right now,” he said.

Instead the rapper plans to release little snippets of tracks from the album for fans. Like one in particular, which got even DJ Fresh excited- read about that below


Talking about the track, which got the internet so hot with anticipation, Nasty C revealed that it was a song he had been working on with rapper and producer Gemini Major and that he was finalising the final video for the track.

A tribute

Although the title of the album has not been finalised, Nasty C reveals that he would love to name the record after his mom, or at least dedicate it to her.

“I would like to name it after my mom, or at least make some kind of reference to her in the title,” he revealed

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