My Mother Once Ca ught Me ‘In the Act’ With a Girl – Denrele Edun Reveals

One of Nigeria’s most crazy On-Air-Personalities has opened up on one period he was ca ught without warning with a braless girl by mother.

Denrele Edun

Denrele Edun who is considerd as of the most eccentric Television personality in Nigeria with his weird kind of lifestyle, has revealed a moment his mother walked in on him while he was making out with a girl

Someone put a question across to Denrele on twitter which say: “Ols, Have you been caug ht in the act? Did you continue? Heheheh”

Denrele then replied. He said (edited): “Thought my MFM-Mum was out so we were slugging it onout the 3-seater. Mum entered, screamed in Hindi & the babe ran out br aless”

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