Maybe i post too many bikini selfies-Kim Kardashian on why her iG is off limits to brands

Kim has admitted she posts too many bikini selfies which may irritate brands, but says she loves it that way as they are not for everyone. Speaking at a seminar at Cannes Lions. She said

‘Maybe I post too many bikini selfies for some people,’ she smiled. ‘But my Instagram is exactly what I want. ‘I know some of the brands I work with might get frustrated. I will only post a picture of a brand I like if I really love it. And I also say that my Instagram is off limits in my business contracts.
‘I used to take on way too much and sometimes I got involved with brands that didn’t make sense for me, because I was excited by everything and wanted to be here, there and everything,’ she said…..

I’ve actually unfollowed people who post too many brand-related Instagram pictures because I don’t believe in it. I can smell it a mile off…
‘But it was overkill and so I took time off and figured out what I should be doing. Not everything I took on was the right fit for me and that can kill a brand.’.

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