Mark Zukerberg Becomes World’s 6th Richest Person

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has become the sixth world’s richest person and fourth wealthiest in the United States.   His wealth soared to $47.9 billion this week after the social media website’s stock climbed 12 per cent following a strong quarterly earnings report, according to Forbes. The 31-year-old Harvard graduate is now the youngest world’s top ten richest person, and is above Google founder Larry Page, the Koch brothers and most recently, Oracle’s Larry Ellison. See full list below…


Billionaire                     Net Worth  (billions)           Company/ source                Country

  1. Bill Gates                     $76.2                               Microsoft                           United States
  1. Amancio Ortega          $68.4                                Zara                                 Spain
  1. Warren Buffett             $59.8                               Berkshire Hathaway         United States
  1. Jeff Bezos                    $55.2                                         United States
  1. Carlos Slim Helu          $49.5                               Telecoms                          Mexico
  1. Mark Zuckerberg         $47.9                               Facebook                          United States
  1. Larry Ellison                 $44.1                               Oracle                              United States
  1. Charles Koch               $39.7                               Diversified                         United States
  2. David Koch                  $39.7                               Diversified                         United States
  1. Larry Page                 $37.5                               Google                              United States
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