Listen Guys, Here’s How To Give Her The Best Orgasm Of Her Life In Four Simple Steps

According to an article on Dailystar, here are the easiest steps to give your woman mindblowing orgasms she will remember. $exual health and wellbeing expert Samantha Evans, co-owner of Jo Divine, has revealed all you need to know, so don’t dull.

She said: “Each woman is different and how women reach that amazing orgasm is entirely dependent on what they find pleasurable.
“Ladies should tell their partners what they want and how they like to be touched – the more he gets to know your body and what turns you on, the more likely you are going to climax.

“Some women have even been known to be able to orgasm from mental thoughts alone. By focusing solely on pleasurable feelings and thoughts of desire, women are able to bring themselves to climax and experience powerful mental orgasms.”

Here are Samantha’s top tips for a better, longer big-O:

1. Let go of self-consciousness
Having an orgasm is about focusing on intense pleasure and letting it overcome you, so if she’s finding it hard to orgasm have a think about why this may be.
Is she stressing over a current issue? Is her mind is elsewhere?
There are plenty more reasons as to why women can find it hard to orgasm, but thinking about pleasure alongside physically experiencing pleasure is said to dramatically enhance female orgasm.

2. Use a s*x toy
To increase female orgasm, why not introduce a $ex toy into the bedroom?
$ex toys are a great way of enhancing and increasing the chances of fantastic orgasms.
It’s fairly common knowledge that 70% of women need clit0ral stimulation to achieve an orgasm, so using a clit0ral stimulator is a simple yet effective way of enhancing your orgasmic pleasure.

3. Get back to basics
Women who know their own bodies inside out are more likely to have better orgasms and self-exploration is a great way for a lady to enhance her orgasmic pleasure.
Knowing how to touch yourself also makes you a better teacher for your partner during $ex play.
In exploring your body with your fingers and touching yourself in various ways, such as stimulating your clitoris through the material of your knickers, you will expand your $exual horizons and discover new ways to achieve an orgasm.

4. Read erotica
The 2014 British S*x Survey found that 53% of women read erotica “at least occasionally” compared to 32% of men, indicating somewhat of a gender divide when it comes to erotic literature.
Erotic writing allows you to let your mind wander, loosing yourself in the story and playing it out in your mind.
If you’re not sure where to start, we have our own Jo Divine’s Secret Diary erotic blog for you to peruse.

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