How To Properly Clean Your Touch Screen Phone

Today, I will be writing about a critical topic that is affecting almost everyone, considering the fact that we are in the touch screen age, where almost every phone user is carrying a touch screen phone.

This piece will be a very practical one and I enjoin you to pay close attention to this:

Step 1: Find a clean piece of cloth to use.
The piece I will be using for this practical teaching is shown below although it is not compulsory to use a piece of cloth like this.

Step 2: Turn off the device before anything else.
The device I am using for this short tutorial is the Tecno L5. I decided to use my phone as an example so as to make this as practical as possible and easily understood even by the lay man.

Step 3: Brush Over Screen
After switching off the mobile phone, brush over the screen with the piece of cloth you have chosen. Some may use a microfiber piece, some may use a linen material, some may use any material available but it must be clean and dirt wipe-able.

It should be noted that the brushing should be in circles, i.e circular motion of brushing is the method of elimination dirt particles away from the surface of the screen.

Step 4: Dampen Cloth with fluid
Now, here’s a tricky one, because this screen has a lot of germs and so many particles which makes the phone screen dirty and malfunction at times, it is ideal to dampen the cloth with a fluid. The trick is which fluid to be used, because of this tutorial, I am using an ethanol fluid, popularly known as spirit. Distilled water can also be used, as screen cleaners are also available for sales from local shops.

Step 5: Brush Over Screen with Cloth
The final step is to repeat the third step still in circles, although we now have a fluid over the piece of cloth used. After this step, you have successfully cleaned your touch screen phone and now freed it from germs and other dirt particles.

NOTE: Do not over repeat this process

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