How To Promote Your Business With MTN CallerFeel

You might have been noticing some cool message popping up on your device screen when you made a call to an MTN Number and wondering how it was done. It’s a new service called MTN CallerFree. MTN CallerFeel is a classy service that allows you to express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers phone screen when they call your line. The message will appear as a pop-up notification.

What Can CallerFeel be Used for?
MTN CallerFeel can be used for:

    Sharing Status Updates
    Sharing special moments
    Sharing Special messages to specific callers and host of other ways.
    So much more! You can be creative in ways to use it

Do you wish to achieve more customers for your business or you simply want to share some
great news? MTN CallerFeel is a better means
for you to advertise your products, tell people about your projects or
yourself, put smiles on people’s faces when they call you.

How Do I Set up my MTN CallerFeel?

=> Simply text ‘REG’ to 50016. Registration costs N50/month

How Do I Personalize My CallerFeel Message?

To personalize your CallerFeel, simply create your message and send it to 50016, E.g.;

CEO of
Gossiper, gist geek, tech, educationist, Mobile/PC Contents, Online Licit Money Making Tutorial, Technology Gist & More

That is my CallerFeel format and note that the message has a limit of 150 characters.
think up a nice message that suits your business or person and set it
up as your CallerFeel. It could even be a periodical update, as you are
allowed to change the messages a number of times.

CallerFeel Subscription Plans are;
N5 for daily subscription with maximum of 1 update (send REG1 to 50016)
N30 for weekly subscription with maximum of 10 updates (Send REG7 to 50016)
N50 for monthly subscription with maximum of 25 updates (Send REG to 50016)
To Opt Out of CallerFeel

=> Send STOP to 50016 and your subscription stops within minutes.

Interesting service, with just N50 per month, you can gain more customers for your business. Waiting for Glo and other networks to come up with a similar service, but less charge or what do you think?

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