Here’s Why You Should Never Eat After 7pm (Must Read)

Here’s Why You Should Never Eat After 7pm (Must Read)

Experts warn that , eating late at night is putting millions of people in danger of heart attacks and strokes.

According to researchers, late-night meal keeps the body on ‘high alert’ when it should be winding down.Heart experts advised that adults should never eat within two hours of bedtime – and ideally nothing after 7pm.

In a healthy person, blood pressure drops by at least 10 per cent when they go to sleep.Experts think this is because eating releases a rush of stress hormones when the body should be starting to relax.

Researcher Dr Ebru Özpelit, presenting her results at the speaking at the European Society of Cardiology congress in Rome, said:

‘If we eat late at night, the body essentially remains on high alert as during the day, rather than relaxing for sleep.How we eat may be as important as what we eat,’ she said.’Eating breakfast and lunch is important but dinner must not be later than seven o’clock in the evening,’ she said.

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