Guys, See 8 Simple steps for getting any woman to give you her number

Guys, See 8 Simple steps for getting any woman to give you her number

One of the most daunting task for any man is approaching a woman in public

You are trying to convince a virtual stranger to not only notice you, but want to get to know you more. You are facing a real fear of rejection and you also want to make sure you put your best foot forward.

Below are steps to follow to get her to want to know you better and give you her number.
1. Make her notice you: If you want to approach a woman in a room full of people, you should make sure she notice you are there first. Give her a chance to be aware of your presence. You can do this by catching her eye, doing something that can get her attention or offer to buy her a drink or something. Do not just simply get up and go for the kill, she is unlikely to warm up to you if you do.
2. Start with a compliment: A great way to get her in a better mood is to compliment her. Pay a honest compliment, not just the standard, “you look pretty” because you can bet she hears that a lot. What you want to do is stand out. Compliment something others might not notice. A beautiful watch, pendant, shoes, or something. This will peak her interest.
3. Come up with a universal topic: When she has noticed you and you have said something, it is time to converse with her. Avoid topics like politics or religion which can lead to a very heated disagreement and this is not the time to argue with her. Choose something simple like pop culture, music, current affairs, etc.
4. Have a sense of humour: If you are able to genuinely make her laugh, then you are golden. If not, all you need is to have a good sense of humour throughout your encounter. Be light-hearted and fun.
5. Let her talk: People love talking about themselves so give her a chance to. But make sure you listen so you can ask question and let her see your interest.
6. Compliment her achievement: While talking about herself, she might tell you what she studies or about her job. This is the part where you say something that shows you are in awe of her. If she is studying a hard course, for instance, telling her you are impressed with her brains and determination will warm her heart. Not a lot of people get told they are doing well.
7. Get a good reason for wanting her number: Do not just go, ‘can I have your number?’ You actually need a good reason to want it. Just because you have a conversation does not mean she is required to want to talk to you tomorrow. If you are getting a good vibe, you can express your intention to take her out sometime. If you are not sure, come up with a reason like wanting to learn more about something, or wanting to discuss something further, etc. The point is that you choose a non-threatening reason and she will be less likely to refuse.
8. Continue conversation then say your goodbyes: Just because you have her digits does not mean you are done with your mission. Talk to her some more. Or better still, let her talk about herself some more. This guarantees she will pick up when you call and seals the deal.


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