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Get Your Payoneer Master Card Free Of Charge – Your Best Bet For PayPal

I make up this post because I know
some of us are new to what I’m
about to share and some are
already into it. Those who have
almost succeeded in registering for
PayPal accountbut are finding it
difficult to link their Master Card
will really appreciate this post to
the fullest.

Ideally your local bank gives you
Debit Master Card or verve card on
opening an account with any of the
Bank. PayPal only allow Valid
Credit card and not Debit Card.

Some of you must have tried GTB
Debit Master Card and you get an
error or even Zenith Debit card; but
don’t too worry, solution will be
proffered right away.

You can easily walk straight to your
local Bank and make a request
ofCredit MasterorVisa cardfrom
your bank and it will be processed
for you.

Though there is another super
unique card I’ll really want to
share with us, everybody should
have this if you want to
successfully operate your PayPal
account in Nigeria; it’s

Payoneeris a universal credit card
for paying and buying online.
Payoneeris free of charge for
anyone who wants it.

You can use this card to withdraw
your PayPal fund via ATM; and pay
for any kind of goods online.
It is better and faster than any card
your local bank gives to you.
The good news is that it is free and
you don’t need to pay a dime for it
to be delivered to your doorstep.

How Long Does It Take To Be
It takes only 3weeks before it will
be delivered to your house address.

What is Their Requirement?
==>A valid scanned copy of your ID
card like international passport/
Drivers license/National ID card or
even you voter’s ID card.

==>Scanned copy of your clear
passport and you are done.
Who Needs This Payooner Master
Everyone needs thisPayooner
Master Cardwith or without PayPal
account; because some day, you’ll
want to buy something from Abroad
while you are at home.
It’s actually time you go global.

Where Can I Sign up?
Sign up with them
click here and have your card
delivered to your door step without
paying a dime.

Ask me your questions!

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