Flavour Baby Mama Confirm Love For Him With a Customized Jersey

Yesterday, Flavour baby mama added a
year to her age. The “Thankful” crooner
sent sweet message to his baby mama,
called her “Ugegbem(my mirror)”.

However, most people believed that
Flavour is in love with ex-miss MBGN
beauty queen,Ann Ebiere but with the
way things went yesterday between
Flavour and his Baby mama Sandra
Okagbue, it showed that he’s in love
with her.

Sandra replied her lover man sweet
message with a customized jersey with
the same word written behind and she
added more sweet names.

She posted a photo of herself with the
same word her lover man called her.
Also she shared a pic of Flavour and
herself on Instagram.

According to reports, Flavour will
eventually marry Sandra because she is
his baby mama and that’s where his
heart lies.

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