Fans Tongue-Lash Wizkid’s Manager Over Thick Ethnic Accent

Angry fans have taken shots at Wizkid’s Manager, Sunday Are over his heavy Yoruba accent while responding to an interview about the young lady who used Wizkid’s identity to defraud people.

Are, who granted an interview to Hiptv over the arrest of Wizkid’s impersonator, was heavily tongue-lashed by fans when his Yoruba accent became a hindrance to fans understanding what he was saying.

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In the video, which is somewhat difficult to understand, the big-shot manager tried to explain that hackers had gotten vital passport and booking information from the StarBoy team’s email and used it to defraud unsuspecting people by impersonating the “eja nla” crooner on numerous occasions dating back to 2013. But Nigerians could not hear beyond his grammar and intonation and the comments proved it.

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