Fact: 7 Most Ridiculous Ways To Lose Weight!

Losing weight is not a plate of beansbut who says you can’t have fun with it? Don’t let that gym instructor deceive you, it is not all about chalky diets and back breaking exercises! Enjoy these fun and steamy ways of losing weight and thank us later!!!

1. Laughter: According to research, laughter helps you burn calories easily! 15 minutes of laughter can burn about 10 to 40 calories in a day! Oya, call all the clowns you have a friends and get to work!

2. Kissing: So apart from starting the fire in your lower region, kissing burns two to three calories per minute! Isn’t this just good news???

3. Pole Dancing: The next time you want to diss that pole dancer, climb your scale! (LOL) But if you learn pole dancing, you are on the way to beat that fat one spin at a time!

4. Sex: Heart pounding fun can also keep you fit too! According to research and medical experts, 30 minutes of $ex can lead to losing 85 to 150 calories!!!

5. Video Games: Researchers have found out that playing video games can help lose weight but this also depends on the game of your choice.

6. Chewing Gum: PAUSE! Before you chew on this one, you may not exactly shed weight but it will help curb the hunger and prevent you from nibbling especially when cooking.

7. Tea: Who would have thought that just relaxing on the couch, watching a good movie and sipping on herbal tea can aid weight loss? It works my people! You can burnunwanted fat when you have the right ingredients in that tea pack!
Millions of people are already on the journey to weight loss with Slimtea!!! Weight loss just became easier! Whether you are into pole dancing, a laughing jackass or a gamer, enjoy a cup of tea to get your perfect size!!!

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