Etisalat Tasks SMEs On Customer Service, Innovation For Survival

Etisalat Nigeria has called on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country to emB.race excellent customer service and innovation as essential ingredients for their survival.

Chief executive officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Matthew Willsher, counselled startup businesses recently at the launch of SME Arena, an innovative and bespoke e-commerce and social networking platform that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to converge, network, collaborate, showcase their products and interact with customers and business partners on the digital space, thus enhancing efficiency, productivity and profit optimisation.

The dedicated e-commerce and social networking portal, is developed and managed for Etisalat Nigeria by YuuZoo Corporation of Singapore.

Willsher stated that businesses in the country should be more customer-oriented and more innovative in order to stimulate satisfaction and build loyalty among their B.rand community, and thereby guaranteeing continued survival amidst the current economic challenges.

“In terms of making way through these critical times, there are two critical things all businesses need to focus on to make their way and these are customer service and innovation. We have to listen to our customers, serve our customers and give them outstanding experience.

“We also have to look for ways to make a difference. Things do not just get better by themselves; they get better through changing things. In general, businesses need to be customer-orientated and innovative to be big enough to get through these tough times and lead the economy to the growth everyone wants,” he said.

While clarifying that being innovative did not necessarily imply rollout of new inventions or ideas every time, Willsher enjoined businesses to effectively employ creativity, relevant insights and understanding of the customer to improve on their service delivery.

He further expressed hope in the ability of the SME Arena platform to help SMEs operators grow their businesses and position the sector to drive the overall growth of the economy.

“The economy is difficult at the moment for everybody, however those of us who live here of course, still have that huge confidence in the future of Nigeria, and given the innate growth in Nigeria, there are going to be good times ahead.

I just think continuing to do the same things the same ways is not the best way to behave when things are tough. I believe the SME Arena will help our real, informal small businesses find new ways to reach their customers, to meet their networks and business partners, keep competitive and be ready for the growth opportunities that will come,” he said.

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