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Eating More Fruits And Vegetables Can Help To Quit Smoking

According to a study, if you want to quit
smoking, consuming more vegetables and
fruit could help you give up and stay free
from tobacco for longer. The study found
that smokers who eat a lot of vegetables
and fruit are 3 times more likely to quit

1,000 smokers of 25 years and more were
surveyed by means of telephone interviews.
There was a follow up survey 14 months later,
when the respondents were asked if they had
abstained from using tobacco in the month

The study found that the smokers who ate the
most vegetables and fruits were 3 times more
likely to be free from tobacco for a minimum
of one month 14 months later compared to
those who ate the lowest amount of vegetables
and fruit. These results persisted even though
adjustments were made to consider age,
gender, education, race/ethnicity, health
orientation and household income.

It was also found that cigarette smokers having
higher vegetable and fruit intake smoked less
cigarettes each day, waited longer before they
smoked the 1st cigarette for the day and also
scored less on a nicotine dependence test.

A number of explanations are possible, like
less nicotine dependence for those who eat
lots of vegetables and fruit or the fact that
higher fiber intake from vegetables and fruit
make people feel fuller.

It’s also possible that vegetables and fruit give
people more of a feeling of fullness so they
feel less of a need to smoke, as smokers often
confuse hunger with an urge to smoke.

And compared with a number of foods that are
known to complement the taste of tobacco,
such as caffeinated beverages, meats and
alcohol, vegetables and fruit don’t enhance the
taste of tobacco and could actually worsen the
taste of cigarettes.

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