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How to Download and Use Google Maps for Android, iOS Without Internet

Those accustomed to the very many
functions of Google Map would testify
that it is more than just any navigation
tool and the application requires
internet connection to work properly. In
cases where you get to a location
without internet connection (G Maps
makes use of both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data

Google recently added a new feature to
Google Maps which let’s you save maps
to your phone. Yes, you can now save
maps to your phone without internet
connection but there is a downside as
you cannot access route information,
traffic, address, navigation and other
features which requires internet
connection. However, having a map for
reference can save you a lot of time.

Tools Needed
User must have an iOS and Android
device aside that it isn’t available for
other OS platforms. And also Android
users must have upgraded to Google
Maps version 8 and iOS users to Google
Maps version 3 to be able to use this

How To Save Google Maps Offline

  • First of all sign in to your Google
    account o use this feature.
  • Type in ‘Ok Maps’ to the search bar
    and click the search button. A dialog box
    pops up asking ‘Save This Map?’ With a
    save button at the bottom of the screen.
  • At this point you can move the map to
    the select the area you would like to
    save and everything on that page gets
    downloaded. Let’s say you want to save
    the Map of Lagos on GMAPs, zoom out
    to save the entire screen then you can
    zoom in later to see individual localities.
  • Once you are okay with the selected
    area, you can then tap the save button
    at the bottom of the screen. A dialog box
    comes up and ask you to enter a name
    to save the map. Type in any name you
    want and click on save.
  • To access the saved maps offline, tap
    on the ‘person’ icon, which is next to the
    directions icon on the search bar. This
    will take you to your profile. Scroll to
    the bottom to see your saved maps. You
    can rename saved maps in case you plan
    to save more than one.
  • Have you save Google Map and used
    them offline before, if yes how was your
    experience. And if you haven’t, why not
    try it out.

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