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How to download files at tusfiles.net directly. Using PC or M-opera and UCWEB + how to make money on it

How to download files at tusfiles.net directly. Using PC or M-opera and UCWEB + how to make money on it

Hello guys, in this post, I will show
you the method on how to
download at tusfiles.net directly to
the file without downloading the
downloader first.
Most of the user always
complaining that every time
they download files at tusfiles.net,
it always gives
them .exe file.
Here I provided an example with
image guide to
download directly to the file you
want without
downloading the .exe file first.
In this example, for example, I will
download the file “Wiley.C+

at this link: http://

By clicking the link above, you will
be redirected to the page very
similar to the image below:



As you can see, there is so many
Download Buttons you see in the
page, but actually there is only one
working Download Button for the
file you want to download. For now,
I just want you to focus in this area
of image:

The three big green button you see
is not the true
download button for the files
they are advertisement that tusfiles.net is using to keep their
service and website online and in

Now, for you to know the right
thing to download the file directly
without that .exe, refer to the
image below:

1. First you need to uncheck first
the check box saying “Use our
download manager and get
recommended downloads
” .

2. Second after unchecking, Click
the Download File red button then
the download should start now.

Now there you go, the file you want
to download should be download
now without the .exe file extension.

Note: When unchecking the
checkbox above (No.1 in the image)
and click the Download File red
button, popups may appear, don’t
worry, it’s just advertisement gain
that I’m telling you above. Just
open the popup windows and close
it. If the download doesn’t begin in
seconds, then lick again the
Download File red button (No. 2 in
the image


As For UCWEB just uncheck and
click the file NAME not DOWNLOAD

Additional Information:

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website that offers pay per
download without surveys service
to it’s users. You can earn up to 10$
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