Dating Falz is not an option – Simi

Dating Falz is not an option – Simi

Speculations about the pair have been rife over the past months, given how they have worked together on several music and video projects, appearing on magazine covers and attending events in the company of each other.

Simisola Ogunleye, simply known as Simi, in an interview published by HipTV, denied that anything is going on between her and Falz, except for the apparent professional relationship.

Stating that she could actually date the rapper, but she is not giving thought to the matter because it is not an option for her at the moment, she said,“I don’t mind dating Falz, he’s a human being. When I say we have not thought about it because why would you be thinking about something that is not in the books. Falz is my friend and that is all there is to it.”

Despite working on quite a number of projects together with some of them being ‘Jamb Question’ and more recently, ‘Soldier’, both of the music acts maintain that their relationship is nothing but professional, regardless of the endless speculations that they are romantically involved.

In an interview with Dorcas Fapson on ‘The Juice’, Falz also refuted claims that he had a romantic relationship with Simi. The rapper said all he shared with her is ‘musical chemistry’. “Simi and I is just music. It’s musical chemistry, we get along so well. There’s no triangle. She does have a boyfriend and it is not me.

“I’m in no position to announce a matter that relates to her own relationship because it’s not my relationship. But I know that she [does]have somebody and it’s not me,” he said.

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