Chocolate City’s Court Injunction Against Me Is A ‘Show Of Shame’ – Brymo

Brymo speaks about what went wrong with his former label again. In recent times, formerChocolate Cityact, Brymohas not shyed away from speaking openly about his sour relationship with his former label and it doesn’t seem he’ll keep quite anytime soon.
A few months back in an interview withBeat FM, he explained why the label was still mad at him.

In a recent interview withSahara TV, he has just described the legal battle between himself and the label as a ‘show of shame’
In his words, ‘when they first came up with the injunction against me, I was surprised because I’m the kind of person that like things to be easy for everybody, so when ever I find myself being played, I’m usually surprised but then people are petty‘.

He continued to say, ‘In the case of the record label, the contract and the court injunction, It’s all a show of shame because we come together as people in the name of friendship, business and people will always smile at you every time you do what they want whether it’s legal or not but as soon as you say NO to them, they go crazy and that was the case in this particular situation’.

Brymo also said he didn’t make a dime fromIce Prince‘s ‘Oleku’ hit song of which he did the chorus saying, ‘I was a fool there was no contract, Oleku was a pro bono work, not a dime was made for Brymo from it so I felt like maybe because I didn’t have a contract and I was new, maybe that was my trial period. But after I signed a contract in April 2011, but guess what, nothing changed, the label still didn’t provide money for upfront which was in the contract; they were supposed to provide money for every single project’.

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