Check Out Sweet Features in The Next WhatsApp Update

You’ll bear me witness that WhatsApp has tremendously helped in reducing the revenue for SMS as it has rapidly decreased for most service providers. You too ask yourself, when last did you send an SMS to someone?

Lots of improvement has been done on WhatsApp lately with reference to their last roll out of WhatsApp End-end-encryption and ability to send PDF files from one user to the other.

From what Phoneradar and AndroidPolice are reporting, these are what to expect from the next Whatsapp rollout. Though no particular date but …

>WhatsApp for Windows and Mac OS: This was spotted on WAbetainfo twitter handle but no word on it yet from Whatsapp; they should work the way WhatsApp for mobile and web work allowing for logins and synching across devices with a single number.

>>Call back features: the latest leak suggests Facebook to bring some more features to WhatsApp. The ‘Call Back‘ feature for iOS and Android devices shows the notification for a missed call with a call back button. The Call Back features help users to dial back without opening the Whatsapp.

>>Voice Mail features for iOS: The ‘Record Voice Mail‘ and ‘Send Voice Mail‘ buttons help to record and send a voice mail during the voice call.

>>Zip File Sharing: We should be expecting this feature in the next update of WhatsApp. It will allow you to compress the actual file and indirectly helps in decreasing the data usage.

Though I’ve been waiting for the video calling features but I don’t know when it will come into existence yet… Whatsapp has proven to be one of the best messaging app.

Which of these yet to come features do you want to see on your WhatsApp?


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