Check Out Five Dangerous Routes in Lagos (Must Read)

Check Out Five Dangerous Routes in Lagos (Must Read)

Some nefarious elements have chosen certain bus stops/ routes in Lagos as havens for their notorious activities.

Some respondents who interacted with identified these dangerous routes and narrated their bitter experience as well .

These are the dangerous routes/bus stops identified in Lagos:

1. Mile 2 Oke

This axis is a haven for die-hard criminals who carry out their activities in broad day light. Ebuka who works as an engineer for a Chinese construction firm narrates his ordeal.

On this fateful day, Ebuka closed from work at about 5:45pm.

He was walking down to the bus stop after a long day when he noticed some suspicious faces.

Before the twinkling of an eye, some hoodlums armed with guns and daggers askedhim to quietly surrender his belongings or drop it the hard way.

For Ebuka, it was like the world had ended because in the bag were his work gadgets, phones , wallet and the sum N50,000 given him by his boss to deposit in the bank the next day .

2. Oshodi Oke and Isale

Oshodi has been known to be the centre for pick pockets, gang rapists and for all kinds of criminal activities. Even though recently there was massive development in Oshodi, it still does not stop nothing.

Alhaja Aminat who learnt the hard way to apply extra caution while on the Oshodi axis recounts her ordeal with the hoodlums in the day.

According to her, she was supposed to get aso ebi for her sister’s wedding ceremony. On the fateful day, she joyfully alighted at Oshodi Oke having with her a sum of N150,000 cash. The most fascinating thing according to her was that she did not realise her bag has being cut with a razor until she was at the point of paying for the aso ebi .

3. Ojodu Berger 

If Chinyere had known she would be welcomed to Lagos in the hardest of ways she would not have bothered coming to Lagos for NYSC. He got to Berger at about 7:00pm after a long trip from Enugu. Overjoyed with the fact that in a matter of hours she would join the league, a dream she had well nurtured through her school days. Chinyere got of the bus full of enthusiasm and eager to find her way to the Iyana Ipaja NYSC camp. She felt relieved when a certain gentle man offered to help her with her luggage. Sadly, the man ran across to the other side of the road and vanished into thin air with her belongings.

4.Lagos/Ibadan Express road

The Lagos/Ibadan express road is well known for not just a hub for petty theft but also for armed robbery, ritual killings and car snatching.

The road being a major link road from Lagos to the rest of the country, criminals have found a home in carrying out operations ranging from attacking inter state commuter buses at gun point to snatching of private cars of travelers and worst of them all, ritual killings.

5.Iyana Iba

Iyana Iba axis is known for student riot, killing, cultist operations and other nefarious activities. The street of Iyana Iba is characterized with angry mobs and ruthless cult activities. High profile criminals cases ranging from cold blood murder, armed robbery, r*pe to little cases like pick pocketing.

Busola, a 300 level Computer Science student of the Lagos State University recalled her bitter experience. Busola whose hostel was located just meters away from the bus stop was on her way home from lectures one cool evening when she was approached by some guys who asked her to follow them stating that some one needed to see her immediately.

Busola bluntly refused indicating that she did not know them and demanded explanation as to why she should go with them. While the argument ensued, she felt some thing cold placed on her neck only to find out that it was a gun.

Busola succumbed to their will and followed them to an uncompleted building in the bush not too far from the bus stop. On getting there this guys at gun point took their turns on the lady and left her laying down almost lifeless afterwards.

Meanwhile, Governor Ambode of Lagos state assured Lagosians at a public forum held recently that security has been beefed up in the state.

The Lagos state government recently procured operational vehicles, choppers, and other security gadgets for Rapid Response Squad (RRS) in order to facilitate adequate security in the state.

Additional report by Akan Awankwo


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