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Check Out Listed tricks Big girls device to catch men

So, someone just sent me a list of the new tricks Lagos big babes – aka the hustling ones – device to catch men these days. They say these girls, the very serious ones – no longer wear provocative dresses and hang around hotels, restaurants, and bars to meet men, they’ve gone a stepper further. Below are some of the things they do now…

1. They become members of high class gyms in hopes of meeting big men there
2. They attend big churches they know rich men attend
3. They attend weddings of really rich people hoping to meet really rich men there
4. They hustle to find money to travel business class so they can meet men at the business lounge and inside the plane
5. They look for money to join rich men leisure clubs like Boat club, Ikoyi club etc.

Na true? What others tricks do you think these girls use to find rich men? Please share… 🙂

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