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Most Challenging Courses to Study in Nigeria

Most Challenging Courses to Study in Nigeria

No course studied in the higher institution
seems easy, but some are brutal and can
snuff life outta you. However, don’t get
afraid of them. They’re actually interesting.
So grab a packet of popcorn as I take you
through them.

1. Engineering: the name of this course
speaks for itself already. The dudes that
study this course eh…..*winks*. It undeniably
houses all heavy weight courses in engine
faculty like chemical engineering, mechanical,
production, petroleum…etc..any guy you see
rushing to lecture hall with a punching
calculator, they’re engine boys o.

2.Medicine: What makes this course
challenging, is because you’ll be forced to
read(jack) like your life depends on the
degree of knowledge you obtain from their
heavy an bulky textbooks. Some of them
actually do go for thanksgiving, when they
pass their MBBS exam, that contains
Anatomy,physiology and biochem.

3.Biochemistry: people usually think that it’s
a combination of biology and chemistry. If
you’re one of such, abeg, it’s a wrong
impression. You will actually get familiar with
Bio molecules and giant Organic structures,
that will choke you up. This course requires
much logic.
What makes it challenging,is that you’ll have
to learn a lot within a short duration.
Metabolic pathways might seem frustrating
atimes…*winks*. Another thing about this
course is that their lecturers are always
sadists, due to long years of studying brutal
carbohydrate and enzyme structures.

4.Chemistry: I call this course the power,
because these dudes can mix chemical
concoctions of Ammonia and HCL and blow
everywhere…chem guys, I dey joke o….Its
actually one of the most difficult in physical
science, because you’ll make friends with
differential equation in physical
chemistry,which will leave you wondering if
you’re studying maths or chemical reactions.

5.Pharmacy: Its already obvious.don’t know
where to begin with this course.It overlaps
critical aspect of chemistry. You hear stuffs
like pharmacokinetics, drug metabolisms etc.

6.Architecture: the funny thing about this
course is that it sounds cool and friendly,but
when you get in,you know that not all that
glitters are gold. You’ll get familiar with
geometric drawings,optics and so on, which
atimes is usually a pain to the ass.
That’s my submission. Any other, you can use
the comment box. Thanks.

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