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[Tech] How to Bypass Pattern Lock on Android

How to Bypass Pattern Lock on Android :
Today in this post i going to discuss about
How to Bypass Pattern Lock on Android ,
pin or password lock. These days
android is most used operating system
and everyone uses android phones.
Android operating system is provided by
Google. Android phones is very popular
these days. Many peoples uses different
types of applications in android phone.
Some people uses android lock pattern
and many people often forget their lock

Note : This post is for Education Purposes
Only, don’t use any illegal activity.
Suddenly if you forget your android lock
pattern, so don’t worry, I have very
simple method to unlock or reset the
android lock pattern.

How to Bypass Pattern Lock on Android

When you enter wrong secret quite 5
times then it will offer you warning and
you try once thirty seconds. but after you
forget secret then you reset lock. now
click forget secret, then enter gmail id
and secret (you entered in Google play
store). At this point you wish to reset or
unlock your android lock. but if you don’t
know email id and secret then follow
below simple steps to reset or unlock you
android phone. but once use this method,
you lose all information in your phone

No one is perfect so you might have
forgotten your android password or even
pattern you used for the pattern lock, in
this post, i will discuss about How to
Bypass Pattern Lock on Android that is
already lock easily with some few easy
tips, all you just have to do is to follow

How to Bypass Pattern Lock on Android
Education Purpose Only:

To get your pattern lock or password of
your android device unlocked please
follow the instructions well and am sure
you will get what you are going to get
your device unlocked without problem.

1 ) First of all, you need to switch off your
android device and keep it for some time.
2 ) After switching of your android device,
press your up ↑ volume button and Press
It down.
3 ) Now press the power button and hold
it too along with the volume up button.
4 ) It will start a secret terminal interface.
5 ) Then press to use home button for
scroll volume up and down.
6 ) Then you will get to the choose option
Delete All User Data.
7 ) Now in this way, your android lock
pattern is unlocked now problem is
Your device will take some time but after
it will restart and you will find out your
android device has been unlocked.

If you face any problem regarding this
post, please tell me in below comments,

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